Eco-Line , a source of savings , welfare and innovation


  • The latest solutions
  • Striving for a better environment (CO² reduction)
  • The best light for man and beast
  • Special fixtures for horticultural and poultry .

Eco-line lighting fixtures are always equipped with the latest developments. There are Eco-line LED luminaires with 130 lm per watt fixtures with dimming and color changing capabilities, IK10 impact-resistant fittings and spray waterproof fixtures.

Before Eco-line fixtures come on the market they have passed a long test period. The luminaires are also equipped with certificates for their technical characteristics. These tests are performed by including TUV and VDE .

Eco-line luminaires are continuously improved and updated to the demands and wishes of the customers. Do you need a solution for your lighting system, please feel free to contact us.


  • Reduce costs
  • CO² reduction
  • Energy savings

Eco-line lighting will make you save considerably. Because of the extremely long service life , replacement of light sources are not necessary in the coming years. You save the purchase price of the replacement light source and working to replace . Because you use less energy also helps me on the reduction of CO² . If you should produce CO² neutral than are the Eco-line fixtures ideal for the lighting system.

With Eco-line fixtures can save up to 65% on energy costs.


  • Welfare for humans
  • Welfare for animals
  • Economic welfare for companies

Eco-line lighting ensures that employees perform at their best on the job. By a good lighting people get less tired and hold them longer in concentration .

 Animals respond directly to light. Eco-line ensures the right amount of light and right light color for each animal stays . There will always take care into account the natural conditions of daylight.

Because Eco-line luminaires have an extremely long life, are energy efficient and promoting the welfare of humans and animals carry the fixtures positively to the profitability of your business .