Eco-line project lighting provides lighting solutions for Logistics and Industry. An industrial enterprise includes different lighting zones. There are production and storage halls, offices, reception rooms, corridors and outdoor spaces … and for all these areas Eco-line has the ideal energy-efficient lighting solution.

Through our development of lighting systems for the agricultural sector, we can offer a light solutions with security for high energy saving and extremely long life.

For the industrial sector, Eco-line does have two solutions, Induction and LED lighting. Legally for areas where workers continuously present a minimum light level of 200Lux and spaces where workers very little time attending 20lux.
For industrial activities such as fine mechanical work is a minimum light level of 300lux mandatory. Office workstations is a light level of 500 lux required, with the caveat that protect the screen should be. Our light sources are applicable to many environments. Below is a list of environments appropriate light levels. The color temperature of both light sources are diverse, 2700-3000K, 4000-4500K, 5000-6000K and 6000-7000K.
For Induction Lighting can reach the light levels Eco-line with a energy saving up to 65%.

Please contact us for a comprehensive and focused light advice for your situation, with the objective to ensure welfare for employees, energy conservation and sustainability.